Greg Brown, MFT - Psychotherapist

Life Coaching – Expressive Arts TherapyMental Health Counseling

Greg Brown, MFT

Life Coaching, Expressive Arts Therapy,
Mental Health Counseling

Licensed Marriage and Family therapist,
License number LMFT 35923

Do any of these describe you?

"I feel down and unmotivated all the time." "I get anxious and sometimes for no apparent reason." "I haven't been myself since that awful experience." "I'm worried about my teenager. He won't listen to me." "I'm questioning my sexual orientation or gender identity." "I'm confused about what I want to do in my life"

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How can therapy help?

Therapy can give you the time and space to slow down and really look at the issues you are currently facing in your life; A safe place to come and talk, to feel heard, where you can take care of just yourself.

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How can I help?

I'll help you identify what may be blocking you emotionally,
I'll help you get in touch with the power you may have given away to others
I'll remind you that YOU are not the problem; you are just reacting to a problem situation.
I'll help you identify coping skills and possible solutions, to use them for positive and desirable changes.

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I Enjoy Working With

  • Young Adults
  • Teens/Adolescents
  • Adults in Midlife Transitions
  • Non-traditional Lifestyles
    and Relationships

I Can Help With

  • Difficulty Motivating/Depression
  • Anxiety & Post Trauma Recovery
  • Grief and Loss Issues
  • Self-sabotaging Behaviors
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Self-Deprecation / Criticism
  • ADHD
  • Polyamorous Relationships
  • Relationship Difficulties